6 Must-Try Foods in Fall At Hanoi Old Quarter

Posted on 11 sep 2018 by AdminComments 12

When the fall comes, Hanoi is slightly sunny and windy. It will be so great if you wander Hanoi Old Quarter to enjoy these unforgettable dishes such as pancake, boiled snail, etc.

1. Boiled Snail

Many tourists consider boiled snail as the most attractive food in Hanoi Old Quarter. When the autumn cold breeze covers the whole air, boiled snails with pleasant fragrance of lemon leaves, ginger and lemongrass can totally glamor you.

The best boiled snails are available on Dinh Liet St., Thuy Khue St., Luong Dinh Cua St. or Hoang Ngoc Phach St. In addition, you can visit some street food vendors near National Economics University. The price ranges from VND40,000 to VND70,000 for each serving.

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Best Souvenirs You Should Buy In Hanoi Old Quarter

Posted on 12 sep 2018 by AdminComments 13

Apart from the cultural and historical values, Hanoi Old Quarter is the home to many unique souvenirs that you should buy when traveling to Hanoi.

If you do not know about what must-buy items in Hanoi, you can find the best choices just by spending one night walking around Hanoi Old Quarter.

Jewelry (Hang Bac Street)

For some stylish girls, the luxurious jewelry available in Hang Bac Street can totally glamor them. Hang Bac Street is one of the most typical roads in Hanoi Old Quarter. The street’s name clearly indicates the products it offers. Most stores in Hang Bac display and sell the accessories made of silver such as rings, earrings or bracelets.

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Best Street Food in Hanoi Old Quarter

Posted on 13 sep 2018 by AdminComments 18

Hanoi Old Quarter is known as the wonderful street food center which attracts many young people. This article shows some food stalls you should not skip when visiting this capital city.

Dry Chicken Pho (Ma May St.)

Ma May Street is widely famous for fried rice with beef or grilled beef. However, not many people know this street also offers the best dry chicken pho. It is a must-try food in Hanoi Old Quarter.

Dry chicken pho is very attractive since it is a perfect combination of tasty chicken, fresh herbs such as cilantro, onion, savory, etc. and special brown sauce.

Apart from dry chicken pho, there are other dishes made of chicken you should try like steamed sticky rice, chicken soup or shredded chicken. It is best to use steamed sticky rice with the unique chili sauce made by local people. This food is not very spicy, but fragrant and delicious.

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